2021, VOL. 4 ISSUE 1, PART APages: 24-26

Sex education: A need of an hour for education of adolescents at school and college level in India

Sanghpriya Sach Manav and Dr. Zeenat Khan
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Adolescent boys and girls try to adapt to physical changes. Sexuality is an integral part of our lives, and it accompanies us throughout our lives. From the day you are born your sexuality starts to change. Parents, relatives, friends, teachers, society are all involved. Heredity and hormones also play an important role in shaping sexuality. We all want to behave in a mixed society where the lines between sexuality and nature are hard to tell. So along with one’s own sexuality, one should also understand the sexuality of the heterosexual person. In order for a man and a woman to live a successful life the values of equality individual freedom, respect for each other and loyalty can be harmonized. This requires sexuality education. Hence, the important aspects from the point view of sexuality education are presented in this article.
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