2020, VOL. 3 ISSUE 2, PART APages: 01-03

A comparative study of problem solving ability of high school students of CBSE and state board schools of Aurangabad city

Shaikh Imran Ramzan
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Problem solving is cognitive process directed at achieving a goal when no solution method is obvious to the problem solver. In addition, problem solving is a set of skills, including those motivational aspects relevant to successful completion of solution. Problem solving is a form of learning in which the appropriate response must be discovered or, it is a process of overcoming difficulties that appear to interfere with the attainment of a goal. In this research, from five CBSE schools, 170 students (85 male and 85 female) were randomly selected. A standardized test of “problem solving Ability” by L.N Dubey was used for data collection. Mean, S.D, Range Table (According to Manual) and‘t’ test were used to measure the level of significance in Problem solving ability.
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