2020, VOL. 3 ISSUE 1, PART APages: 09-11

Effect of demographic, psychological and social factor on teaching competency of the B. Ed. & D.TED. Trainee Teachers of Aurangabad city

Dr. Khan Shahnaz Bano and Dr. Najmus Saher
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According to Carrol (1995), the demographics provide the policy makers with the opportunity to greatly influence the complexion of the nations teaching workforce for a generation. Therefore, the demographic information offers corrective measures to the policy makers to deal with the national teaching workforce. The effects of general education and the respective demography are closely associated. As a matter of fact, demography is the physical study of these circumstances which influence the quality of education. Without having full cognizance of the people, the targeted themes of education are very difficult to pursue. Howard and Nicholas (1991) state that competency is the ability to cope with a certain class of problems encountered during the job. A fully competent teacher is one who can cope successfully with any professional problem. Edwards, et al. (1996) state that set of core competencies, which are felt to be necessary for having a successful economy in the immediate future. Hence the present study helps in finding the way for strategy makers to achieve the national goals.
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