2019, VOL. 2 ISSUE 2, PART APages: 17-19

Impact of depression on mental health among senior science college students

Dr. Khan Zeenat and Roshan Dadaji Meshram
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The study was taken to investigate the effects of depression on Mental Health To senior science college students. A Sample: 121 senior science college students were selected for the present study, among them 73 low depress senior science college students found and 48 high depress of various College of Aurangabad (Maharashtra). The age range of subjects where 18-25 years (Mean 20.36, SD 2.03). And Non- probability accidental and purposive sampling was used. Mental Health Inventory (MHI): Mental health inventory constructed by Dr. Jagdish and Dr. A K Srivastav, Depression Scale constructed by Dr. Shamim Karim and Dr. Rama Tiwari. The findings showed that Low depresses senior science college students have significantly good mental health than the high depress senior science college students. There is a negative Correlation between depression and mental health among senior science college students.
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