2019, VOL. 2 ISSUE 2, PART APages: 01-03

A study of attitude of secondary school teachers and students towards inclusive education at secondary stage

Siddiqui Uzma Tahseen and Dr. Khan Shahnaz Bano
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In the last few decades, the view of special education has changed. Instead of segregating students with special needs in special schools, the ideology of ‘Inclusive Education’ is about fitting schools to meet the needs of all students. The idea of inclusion seems to be a major challenge to the Government and educational authorities. It is their responsibility to educate the normal kids and their parents about the special children and ensure that they treat them with respect and kindness.
The teachers have major role to play in the Inclusive schools as they are the expert on classroom organization and operation on a day-to-day basis. The teachers attitude towards the students with special educational needs is important not only for teacher-student interactions but also as a model for the non-disabled students in the class- room. Priorities in Inclusive Schools should be given to; in-service training regarding disabilities, parents-teachers co-operation, curriculum adaptation, Inclusive Education plans, classroom management and adaptation of material.
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