2019, VOL. 2 ISSUE 1, PART BPages: 67-70

An introduction to makerspace

Siddiqui Uzma Tahseen
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Maker education is a term coined by Dale Dougherty in 2013. It is inspired from ‘learning by doing’ where the child is the centre of the teaching-learning process. Retention is best when the child gets involved in the activities. Every child should be encouraged to create something on his own. Maker Education motivates the learners & is a powerful learning force which has been recognised as a potent learning opportunity. Learning in school remains controlled by traditional pedagogies & curriculum which are opposed to the way of learning in makerspaces. Makerspaces are places where a child is encouraged to create something on his own. So, the introduction of the maker movement in schools can be an opportunity for the teachers & students to break away from the traditional teaching- learning process. The present article focuses on the need of makerspaces in schools to give a boost to the innovative & creative skills of the students through maker education.
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