2019, VOL. 2 ISSUE 1, PART APages: 16-18

Comparing general anxiety level in secondary school students

Dr. Khan Tanveer Habeeb
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Anxiety is a common phenomenon that constitutes a universal cause of poor academic performance among students worldwide. It is a common undisputable fact in human life’s that influence an individual’s accomplishment in numerous situations, an average level of anxiety is useful in sustaining people hardworking and being responsible of what they have to do. The present research study is an attempt to assess the level of anxiety in secondary school students of Aurangabad city. A sample of 100 secondary students (50boys and 50 girls) from Std. VIII were selected from 05 English medium schools of Aurangabad city by adopting random sampling technique. The tool used for data collection was Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test constructed and standardized by A.K.P Sinha and L.K.P Sinha. The statistical techniques used for the data analysis was mean, S.D and t-test. The findings revealed that the overall anxiety level in the secondary students was high. Significant difference was found in the anxiety level of male and female secondary school students.
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